A Solution to Capitalize on Market Conditions

We launched Ascendant as a solution to capitalize on the market conditions we believed would persist over a longer period of time, characterized by higher levels of debt, higher levels of volatility and increased political tensions.

Our reinsurance business benefits from higher interest rates and market volatility; while digital assets are designed to perform under higher levels of debt and political tensions.

Ascendant wasn’t created to emulate any company; it was created to perform under the persistent conditions we identified. 

After closing our seed round, we focused on building our reinsurance business and digital asset exposure. Over the last 3 years we have put in place the required licenses, agreements, controls, management team, board governance and have successfully built our reinsurance business. Through our digital asset industry relationships and our internal team knowledge, our digital asset exposure has the right people behind it to be successful.

Given the current market conditions, we believe this is an ideal time to expand Ascendant and have partnered with American Elm to help distribute our Preferred Shares. 

Why Reinsurance

Why are we in the annuity reinsurance business? Our reinsurance business provides growth capital to support primary insurance companies (called “cedents”)

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